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Brasília 55 years

Brasília was founded in April 21, 1960. Planned by Lucio Costa and designed by Oscar Niemeyer, it is a world known reference of modern architecture.

These images are a celebration of my hometown's uniqueness. (2015) 

o meteoro e a garça distraída.jpg

The new Itamaraty palace

The Itamaraty Palace, also known as Palace of the Arches, is the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters. It was inaugurated on April 21, 1970. A month later, I was born.


Pirenópolis is an old and small town in the country's central region, listed as a National Heritage Site. It preserves a charming and bucolic vibe. Surrounded by hills and waterfalls, is a living portrait of Goiás' culture and history. (2012)

fantasmas diurnos.jpg
Natal Legal-82.jpg

Natal legal

In Natal, the City of the Sun, it is all about vacations: family, friends, beach, sea, sun and fun. (2015)

United States of Piauí

From inland to the northern shores of Piauí state. A family trip, unforgettable memories. (2016)

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