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Urban photography

I enjoy walking through the streets, by myself, wandering and observing.

It allows me to testify uncountable scenes. Very real ones and yet, subtly poetics.

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Thank you and I hope you have fun, 


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cavemen prints

Santa Monica, CA

take the train

Union Station, Los Angeles

ride with style

Ocean Drive, Santa Monica - California

walk to the light

Chapada dos Veadeiros - Brazil

some love somewhere

Los Feliz, Los Angeles - CA

California spirit

Santa Monica Ocean Park Boulevard

little girl

Santa Monica Pier

let's have fun

Santa Monica Pier

where is your oasis?

Santa Monica Beach

time travel corridor

Union Station - Los Angeles

salut to the sun

Pacific Ocean - Malibu

photoboombed by a swan

Venice Canals - Los Angeles

long mirror

Venice Canals - California

interesting creatures

Venice Beach Walk

women keep walking

Venice Beach Walk

the beauty of imperfection

Santa Monica Business Park

street art, art for all

Venice St

it's all about perspective

West LA

ask a dog

Santa Monica, California

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