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About Ana de Oliveira

Photography has always been part of my life

My grandpa was the type of man who transformed ideas into reality. He was also a very smart carpenter. One

day, back in the 50's, in the heart of Brazil's countryside, he met a man who worked as a photographer. Finding

that process very interesting, my grandpa bought all the necessary materials, built his own camera and for years

he worked as photographer, as well. This historic fact of mine has inspired me to pursue this amazing art


My name is Ana de Oliveira. I was born in 1970 in Brasilia, the young and sui generis capital of Brazil. 
In 1992, I graduated as a psychologist at Centro de Ensino Unificado de Brasilia (CEUB). Although I have never

exercised my profession, my graduation allowed me to join the Brazilian Foreign Ministry team of Chancellery Officers in 1998.  Since then, I have been living as a contemporary nomad and every five years

I get the challenge to start my life, with my family, all over again in a different country. My first assignment, in

2004, was at the Consulate General of Brazil in Sydney, Australia.

In the following years, besides being a Vice Consul, I became an amateur photographer and set off an identity

as such. In 2009 I was transferred to Cape Town. The exotic and exuberant South Africa provided me with the

perfect and inspiring scenery to take photography more and more seriously. By that time, I also started working

as a cultural attaché at the Brazilian Consulate and began curating exhibitions as well.

Back in Brasilia, from 2012 to 2016, I brought together my two carriers and became the official photographer

for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . Nevertheless, after that extremely intense period of learning, traveling and working as a photojournalist, I felt in my heart it was time for a new step, it was time for a change.  

In 2016, I was transferred to Los Angeles and, at the Brazilian consulate in the City of Angels, I resumed my work

as a curator and cultural attaché. This experience replenished my carrier as an artist, this time focusing on

street photography.

After my assignment in the sunny California, I was transferred to Lima, Peru, in 2022. The universe brought me

back to South America, back to my Latin roots.

In this virtual gallery I present you my portfolio, where I showcase the world I have seen through the lenses of my camera, my all-time companion. Enjoy!

Academic Activities

I started studying photography in 2005 in Sydney, Australia. That was the first time I

experienced the process of developing an image in the darkroom. It was pure magic!

Black & White Photography - Woolahra Community College, Sydney, 2005
Camera Craft I, II and III - Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 2006
Photographing your Artwork - School of Fine Arts, Sydney, 2008
Documentary Photography - Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 2009
Photojournalism - Escola Brasiliense de Fotografia, Brasília (Brazil), 2013
Specialization in Expography - Escola de Artes Par de Ideias, Brasília, 2014 
Photographic Workshop 'Underground Art Museum' - Santa Monica
College, Los Angeles (EUA), 2017

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